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More Than Just Dirt

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Didsbury, AB


Stoney Soil Products Ltd.: Specializing in Custom Soil Blends & Packaging in Mountain View County


Who Are We? 

Stoney Soil Products is a supplier of soil amendment products. We’ve proudly served Mountain View County and the surrounding areas since 2010.

We started out by delivering mini bulk totes of soil and amendment products, and in 2014 we opened our own packaging plant. We currently provide quality custom soil blending and packaging for several companies.

In 2015, we launched our own soil label, “More than just Dirt,” which is our Compost and Topsoil in 30-litre bags. Our company prides itself on quality and service using locally sourced products.


Hours of Operation

Stoney Soil Products does not have a retail yard, but is committed to providing our customers with flexible and convenient delivery times throughout Mountain View County. Call us today to schedule a time.

Top-Quality Products

Our bagged soils will work wonders on your garden and landscaping project!

We Accept Clean Wood Waste

Please contact us for more information

Delivered to Your Door

Save the mess and call us to deliver to your location in Mountain View.

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