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Pile o' Dirt

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Didsbury, AB

Bulk Soil Delivery

Offering delivery within Mountain View County; Stoney Soil Products Ltd. offers our soil amendments in a 1 cubic yard recyclable tote bag. Buying your product in bulk saves you money. Save yourself time and mess; call us today to schedule convenient delivery to your location.


New Product Line — “More than Just Dirt”

Look for our 30-litre bags of Compost and Topsoil!


Product List

Our Products are available in 1 cubic yard recyclable tote bags

  • Compost
  • Garden Mix – A blend of black peat moss and category A compost. This mix is an excellent amendment for any vegetable or flower garden
  • Peat Moss – Black sedge peat

Call Us for Convenient Delivery

Spend more time planning your garden and less time at the store. We’ll do all the heavy lifting and bring products right to your home. We offer delivery of soil products in our convenient, recyclable tote-bags. Keep your car clean and call us today to schedule a convenient delivery time.

Delivered to Your Door

Save the mess and call us to deliver to your location in Mountain View.

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