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Pile o' Dirt

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Didsbury, AB

Composting Facility

Stoney Soil Products Ltd.’s composting facility is no longer located at Olds College in Olds, Alberta. Please stay tuned for information regarding opening of our new facility, late spring 2021. 

What Our Compost Can Do for Your Lawn and Garden

Composting is a natural biological process carried out under controlled conditions which converts organic matter into a hummus-like product called compost. It is used as a soil conditioner improving soil structure, water and nutrient holding capabilities, as well as adding some nutrients.

How You Can Help 

By using the green bins in your community, we can divert organic waste from the landfills, thus conserving valuable landfill space and enabling us to produce this highly beneficial soil amendment product.

Together we can complete the cycle of recycling, making quality compost that can be used to add organic matter to our yards and gardens.

Just look for the green compost bins in your community!

For more information about our processes, “More than Just Dirt” product, or how you can be part of the composting process, please contact us today!

Delivered to Your Door

Save the mess and call us to deliver to your location in Mountain View.

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